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From a very young age, I had a passion for styling and design. During this early stage of my life, my granddad taught me how to draw and my mother taught me the ins-and-outs of sewing. Thanks to this foundation, I was convinced between age 16-18 that fashion and design would define my career path. With a clear vision in mind, I wanted to run my own fashion label that would make women feel beautiful, confident, and inspired to be who they are. 

While I was searching for a unique name with a special meaning, my niece was born on October 20th. She was named Donna Yara Emma and at that moment, I knew her name would capture my brand with heart and soul. 


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My love for leather

The original plan was the create a ready-to-wear collection. But after visiting Italy I fell in love with everything about leather, especially vegetable tanned leather. I designed and handcrafted my first doctor bag for my mother’s birthday and posted it on Facebook. The bag received such a great response that it inspired me to start a sustainable, hand-crafted, leather bag line instead. Inspired by Curacao ethics, passionately design and handmade in the Netherlands.

Inspired by Curacao Colours, passionately designed and handmade in the Netherlands.

Graceful . Remarkable . Passionate

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