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Her Remarkable Story


We would love to introduce you to our DonnaYara Ambassador Awura Abena Simpe,

Who is Awura

I am a creative who is incredibly curious about people. People’s mindset, behaviour and mindset. I combine both interests/talents in my company Creative Women Collective, and since fall 2018 also in Creative Women Agency.

How did it all began

The story of CWC started unconsciously in my childhood I was most alive on a stage, obsessed with connecting friends and would organize my birthday like I was planning a wedding. Today I speak in front of a lot of different audiences about community, either for my own community Creative Women Collective or for companies who focus on women, with Creative Women Agency.

But before I started to live in my purpose, I ignored all the red flags and ended up in law school, started a career as an attorney for creatives, until I chose to follow my instinct instead of ignore it. 

What are you passionate about

I am passionate about people. I love to know people through knowing their story. We all have an incredible story to share. I am often obsessed by one person for a couple of weeks (or in the case of Tim Ferris months). During this time I research the life of a person day in and out. Through videos, podcasts or articles. And if I’m lucky a documentary.

 Why did you start CWC

I started CWC to connect creative women. The mission of CWC has been and is to help women maximize their talents. Online we focus on personal growth through reflection (with podcasts, blogs and downloads). Offline we focus on business growth through connection. 

I also started CWC for my younger self. If CWC was around when I was a teenager, perhaps I would have embraced my purpose earlier. 

What is your big win for 2019

My big win for 2019 is and will be to listen to the Universe with every step. I am creating a daily routine in which silence, strategy and surrender are the focus. All three are necessary rfor my personal and business growth. For 2019 I am focused on the process instead of the results. The opposite of 2018. In 2018 I ticked off a lot of results (opening a pop-up location, starting a podcast, launching a second company). However impressive this is for the outside world, my inside life suffered because of my lack of stillness.

Describe your personal style

I describe my style as eclectic casual chique. I am a minimalist who is not afraid of prints, ruffles or glitter. I combine timeless items with a trendy item here and there.

Describe Awura in 3 words

Creative, Spiritual, Curious

What keeps you motivated, when you want to give up.

Growth is my motivation! I am amazed by our ability as human beings to transform through hardship. I have experienced a lot of pain in my life, and as a consequence I appreciate every single breath, sip of water and our “ordinary” daily experiences a lot. I believe there’s light always. Also in the circumstances which are incredibly dark at first sight.


How do you see yourself in 3 years

In three years we will be international. CWC will have creative community spaces all over Europe. CWA will be creating experiences for companies focused on women all over the world. I see a lot of travel in my future! I will be living in Stockholm, near a lake and flying all over the world to speak about the power of community and share my knowledge with a worldwide audience.

What would you do if money was not an issue

I would be doing what I do today, but with a Chanel bag in my closet. Hahaha… I would invest in my dreams for CWC, CWA and myself. But I would also invest in the dreams of others, especially of young creative women. I would use the money to help these girls grow as creative entrepreneurs, and amplify their voices in the world.

What do want to say to others who are pursuing there dreams

I would say, be curious about who you are, how you think and how you behave. This knowledge about who you are will help you navigate the journey towards your dreams. You will be able to listen to your instinct instead of all the distracting voices in the world around you.


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